Floating - SchwebenWe offer you ocean climate right at your front door. You can find the appeal of the Dead Sea with us in Oberursel. In dimmed light, you can relax in our open tanks and enjoy a restful time – alone or as two.

We have to thank American brain scientist Professor John Lilly for the origins of the floating tank. In 1954 he already researched the human weightlessness. His findings were used by the NASA to provide their astronauts with the sensation of weightlessness in space.

Advantages of floating
  • Stress reduction through complete deep relaxation
  • The immune system is strengthened by the isolation of external stimulants. The body can regenerate completely.
  • The reduction of stress hormones provides a relief of the cardiovascular system
  • Improvement of slipped discs, joint problems, sciatic problems, disjunctions and sprainings
  • Noticeable reduction of chronic pain symptoms
  • Reduction of rheumatic problems
  • Relief of muscles, spine and joints through floating
  • Positive and alleviating effect on skin problems (psoriasis, neurodermatits, acne)
  • Hair is strengthened and provided with important micronutrients
  • Increased well-being through increased endorphin release

Service & Hygiene

Hygiene is extremely important for us!

After each use, the bath water is cleaned in a closed system with an integrated filter unit.The Schwebebad Oberursel is a public bath and therefore subject to the strictest hygienic bath regulations. In line with DIN No. 19643 of the Schwimmbadverordnung (Public Pool Code), hygiene and cleanliness are our first priority.

Regular water samples of our sole bath are taken from a state certified and accredited laboratory in cooperation with the Hessisches Landesprüfungs- und Untersuchungsamt in Gesundheitswesen (Hessian State Control and Analysis Office in the Community Health Sector) in Dillenburg.

Before you float, we ask you to take note of a few things beforehand, so that you get 100 % enjoyment of the floating tank. Thank you for your understanding! Read more.


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